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How To Put On Your Temporary Tattoo

  • Your skin must be clean & dry before you start

  • Remove any hair from the area the tattoo will be placed

  • To clean skin use cotton and alcohol can get rid of dirt and oil

  • All these recommendations are crucial as it ensures the tattoo will stick properly to your skin & last longer

  • You will get better at applying the tattoos as you do more over time


1. Peel off the clear sheet

2. Position the design face down onto the desired area and use a sponge or damp to hold it firmly onto the paper 

3. Keep pressure on the tattoo for at least a half a minute then gently slide the paper off 


How To Remove Your Temporary Tattoo


  • You can easily take off the tattoo with a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol or baby oil 

  • Rub the cotton on the tattoo as needed to remove it



  • Try not to rub them as they can be damaged

  • They are safe and water based but if you notice redness or itching, take it off 

  • Anyone worried about allergic reaction should first have a patch test on their skin

  • When cutting tattoos before application it is good to cut as close to the design's edge as possible as this results in a better look

  • Over time you will get better at putting on the tattoos as you learn the technique

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